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The day I slept off on duty – Pilot 


Our maritime Life guest this  week, Captain Nwabuokei Nkeaka is  a private pilot license holder and also a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. 

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering. 
He currently works as an Aviation Instructor with Fujairah Aviation Academy in United Arab Emirate.

He explains to us how he had to write West African Examination Council (WAEC) twice in order to catch up with his dreams.

In this chat, Captain Nkeaka explains why he left his lucrative job with a telecommunications company to pursue his dreams in aviation.

This will make a good reading as you relax for the weekend.


What is your name?
My name is Nwabuokei Austine Nkeaka

What schools did you attend?
I had my Primary School Education at Mgbalamgba Primary School Isheagu in Delta State. 

My  Secondary School Education was at Ifite Secondary School Isheagu and Anglican Grammar School Ubulu-Uku both in Delta State. 

I had my University Education in University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) where I had Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering Degree. 

I had my Aviation Career at Fujairah Aviation Academy, Fujairah United Arabs Emirates where I had my Private Pilot License certification and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering certificate. 

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Isheagu from childhood till my teenage years. 

I left Isheagu immediately after my secondary education at 17 years old, where I finished as an art student to pursue my science dream in another secondary school where I had to start from SS2 in Ubulu-Uku

What’s your favourite food and why?
My favourite food is vegetable soup with pounded yam or semolina.  

I like vegetable and semolina because it’s both delicious and nutritious. I am gradually becoming a vegetarian and fruitarian too. 
What’s your favourite colour and why?
I like white colour and any other light colour because once the pant is black, I have no issue selecting the shirt or polo.

What’s the experience you can never forget in your life?
The night I was told I got a scholarship to travel abroad for my aviation studies. 

I had not flown in a plane before as a passenger and hearing the news sounded quite unbelievable. 

It took some time to get it settled in my psyche that it was a reality.

What pisses you off?
Procrastination. I get so pissed off postponing the evil days. 

What turns you on?
New challenges. I want to always experience the new in everything. 

What sport do you love and why?
I love football. I played football while growing up, not as a professional though.

Who is your role model?
My role model is Elon Musk. 
I look forward to be one of the passengers of the 2023 moon exploration.  

How did you get into your present profession? Is it what you intended doing from time?
It was a scholarship. I never had it in mind one day. I was working with MTN as a Network Operation Engineer when the opportunity came on board. 

I did not hesitate to tender my resignation letter. As an incurable optimist, I like new challenges.

What’s your view about religion?
I am a Christian but my view about religion is open. The fact that we are most likely to associate with a religious organisation we are born into makes it impossible to believe one is more superior to the rest. 

Every religion believes in the existence of God and it’s not out of place for God to have chosen to allow us come from the families and countries we all come from.  

What’s your view about life? 
Live and let live. Do unto others what you want them to do to you.

How do you relax?
I go swimming. I live very close to a beach. The Indian Ocean to be precise.

What’s the most embarrassing situation you have ever found yourself in?
The day I had a major failure in my place of work while working with MTN as a network operation engineer. 

It was my responsibility to escalate the problem to the field engineers since I was the one monitoring the system but I was fast asleep in a night shift. This failure cost the company some millions.
Almost cost me my job but I pledged never to sleep off on duty next time.

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