Why is Tincan road rehabilitation taking eternity?

Why is Tincan road rehabilitation taking eternity?


A popular Yoruba adage says that if a trap does not catch an animal, it will give the bait back to the owner of the trap.

It is high time the federal government took decisive action over the contractors handling Mile 2/ Apapa road rehabilitation.

The pace at which work is going on the road, it will take almost like forever before the road could be completed.

The season of rainfall is fast approaching and an insignificant part of the road is what is receiving attention.

Mind you, when rainy season finally comes, that will be an excuse why the rehabilitation cannot continue.

If the contractors do not have what it takes to complete the road in a meaningful time, I think the contract should be taken and given to a capable company.

Again, if the government is the one responsible for the slow pace by  not releasing funds, it means it is only paying lip service to the project and it doesn’t have the masses at heart

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