Where is self-promoted DCG Nura Dalhatu, who wanted to unseat  CGC Ali ?

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Where is self-promoted DCG Nura Dalhatu, who wanted to unseat  CGC Ali ?
Segun Oladipupo     |      
Three months after Assistant Superintendent Of Customs (ASC) 1, Nura Dahiru , caused a stir at the Nigeria Customs Service headquarters, Abuja, nothing has been heard about the self -promoted Deputy Comptroller General of Customs (CGC).
The gangling Dahaltu had in July 8th,2019, sauntered into the Customs headquarters, decked in a resplendent uniform with the self-decorated  rank of  Deputy Comptroller General (DCG) of Customs and demanded to replace Hameed Ali as the new CGC.

The Service,which was stunned and taken unaware by the development, was quick to dismiss the move by the self- acclaimed DCG, saying he was of unstable mind.

The National Public Relations Officer (NPRO) of Customs, Joseph Attah  had then said in a statement that “What happened was that an Assistant Superintendent of Customs came to the office wearing the rank of a Deputy Comptroller-General.

“From questions and answers that followed, it was obvious he was not in the right frame of mind; so a doctor was immediately invited. He is presently undergoing medical examination at the medical unit of the service.”

But three months on, attempts to find out if the man has been stabilised or otherwise has become an daunting task as the National PRO has been unwilling to provide information about the officer.

When our correspondent called the National PRO of Customs over the issue on the eve of commissioning of the gun boats of the service, he gave the excuse that he was preparing for the programme, hence unable to talk.

On 2nd of October, 2019, phone calls to Attah were not taken but responded to a text that he was not aware of the officer sitting on CGC seat.

When our correspondent pressed further through a text message asking about the self promoted officer, Attah ignored the text.

Recall that internet was agog with dofferent reports on 8th of July, 2019 on how the said Dahiru had gone to the CG’s office to take over his position.

In other reports, he was said to have been playing the scripts of other senior officers who were not happy about the leadership style of the present CG, Hameed Alli.

Yet others believe he had the support of highly placed Nigerians to carry out such bold act.

The present drama by Attah has led credence to the fact that the ASC  actually knew what he was doing but because of the backing from top guns in the society, the service is incapacitated.
As a para military organisation, such heinous crimes are such that the organisation would not take with kids gloves.

For instance, an Apapa Magistrates’ Court in May, 2019 sentenced a 40-year -old man, Morgan Mohammed, for impersonating an officer of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) and defrauding victims of N454,000.

“The court also sentenced the convict to six months community service for the charge of impersonation,” he ruled.

He said that the offence contravened the provisions of sections 78, 287 and 314 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2019.

The question agitating the minds of curious stakeholders is “Where is Dahaltu’?
Has he regained his ‘sanity’ for him to stand trial for “treasonable felony” or is he still under “psychiatric” observation?

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