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“What you go through in life defines your personality – Vanessa, SAHCO spokesperson.”



Adetola Vanessa Uansohia is the Manager, Corporate Communication of Skyway Aviation Handling Company (SAHCO) PLC. 

Vibrant, intelligent, physically attractive, mentally loaded, public image maker of note, Uansohia’s smiles is one weapon that works for her because with it, she is able to quench the fire or rage in any one.

The humble image maker and our guest this week, bares some of the features you didn’t know about her. 

Enjoy the interview.


I attended the University of Ado Ekiti where I studied Philosophy. I started work not too long after service. In-between that time, I did my Masters at the National Open University of Nigeria because there was no time to go to the mainstream university but that didn’t mean that I should rest on my oars. In-between also, I did a stint at Nigerian Institute of Public Relations. That was how I was able to progress to where I am right now.

I have been working in Skyway Aviation Handling Company Plc. (SAHCO), since 2006. That was when it was government-owned and transited to when it was privately owned and now transiting to Plc. I was in operations (passenger handling)


Where are you from and where did you grow up?

I am from Iju in Ondo state. I grew up in quite a number of places but the major one is Akure in Ondo state which was where I did the latter part of my primary school and secondary school. I attended Unity Secondary school in Akure and proceeded to University of Ado Ekiti which is now Ekiti State University.

What’s your favourite colour?

Funny enough, my favourite colour is red. I usually tell people red signifies the blood of Jesus. Probably because I am dark in complexion, bright colours come out on me.

Your favourite food?

I really don’t have a favourite food because I am a picky eater. My favourite food today might differ from my favourite food tomorrow. There is no food I can say no to particularly; but I am more of an exotic eating person. Being an Ondo state person, I still do my pounded yam.


How do you relax?

I relax with a good book. I love reading books and good movies.

How did you meet your husband?

I met my husband in NYSC camp in Gombe. Although we didn’t start dating until after work but that was where we met.

What’s religion to you?

I am a Christian and religion to me, is life. Not believing in Supreme Being is a religion on its own. It still means you believe in something. For me, I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I believe that He is the Author and Finisher of my faith and without Him, I am nobody. I don’t joke with what I believe in. That’s the guide of everything I do and the way I live my life.

Your belief about life?

Life is full of ups and downs. It defines the kind of persons we are. What you go through makes you who you are and sometimes when you go through life challenges, it might not necessarily be for you; it might be that God wants you to help somebody else and it actually moulds you. Life is beautiful irrespective of what you are going through at any point in time.

Funny enough, I have gone through some very tough challenges and when I look back, they have helped me to be who I am today. They have helped me to be empathetic because I have been through some funny things.

Your challenges as the head of SAHCO Public Relations department?

We are in charge of public imaging; we are in charge of both maintenance and projection. For us, you find out that you have to do a lot of defence because people can have misconceptions. You can’t know someone or something until you get close. So, for us, it can be a bit challenging when people call us to make enquiries and we have to explain how things actually are; but a lot of people will not come to you to ask the right question and that on its own can be challenging and you know aviation is about the global world and whatever we do, has to be harnessed from what happened in the global society as it were.

How do you manage your faith as a Christian and public relations where you may need to tell lies sometimes to defend your organisation?

I personally, instead of lying, I will tell you no comment. That’s the way I do mine because rapture can happen at any time. The day you die is the day rapture happens to you. I try as much as possible to be true and stand for what I believe in because public imaging is about telling the truth. No matter how bitter it is, tell the truth and stand by it and still defend. You apologise where necessary and say how you are going to make amends. I don’t believe public imaging is about lies.

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