Tincan Island Port stinks, flooded.

As the flood is threatening to take over Tincan Island Port Complex as a result of the channels blocked by the contractors, ungodly heaps of dirt greeting people into the area is a bomb waiting to explode.

Coronavirus that is ravaging the whole world today took its root from a growing health hazard that did not receive attention as at when due.

Without sounding exaggerating, the heaps of dirt where shoemakers carry out their trade and sellers of other wares, if not quickly discarded, port users may soon blame themselves for using the arena.

Leaving the nauseating sight, one almost needs canoe to get into the port as floods have taken over the roads and have significantly narrowed the road, motorists now struggle to manage the only part of the road partly spared by flood.

Nigerian Ports Authority, the landlord of the port, should do something or order the road contractors to open the blocked channels before the asphalt on the road is eroded.

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