SIFAX clocks 31 amidst economic turbulence.

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SIFAX clocks 31 amidst economic turbulence.


The SIFAX group has announced that it clocked 31 years in operation having weathered the storms and survived the harsh economic climates at one time or the other.

This feat is undoubtedly not a mean one because only few among the indigenous organisations that sprang same time are still alive today.

Nigeriamaritime360 thumbs up the resilience and prowess of the company which has grown into a conglomerate today.

The Corporate Affairs Division of SIFAX has this to say, “We are happy and excited to inform you that SIFAX Group has clocked 31 years. It is not a mean feat that the company has not only survived a very harsh business environment over the years, but has also experienced a phenomenal growth, with expansion into various sectors of the country’s economy as well as on the international stage. The outlook for the future is even brighter.”

31 gbosas to SIFAX!!!

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