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Petty jealousy, competition among agencies hinder growth in transport sector—-Usoh

Lagos, Nigeria: entrance to the RoRo port - Nigerian Ports Authority - photo by A.Bartel


Segun Oladipupo

A former Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC), Dr. Kingsley Usoh, has attributed inability to achieve the transport modes for evacuating cargo from the port to competition, jealousy amongst the different agencies under the ministry of transportation.

The two-time boss of the NSC stated this while making contribution to papers presentations by resource persons at a function in Lagos, last week.

According to him, failure to recognise themselves as agencies under one ministry will always scuttle any effort at achieving a substantial feat in the port.

He rued how the different agencies have resorted to jealousy and competition amongst them, leading to inability to take a common decision.

He therefore stated that if this continues, the much desired transport modes that will help to achieve seamless evacuation of cargo from the ports would be impossible.

His words, “The problem we have in this industry is that everybody is playing his own game without all the people that are involved in the game coming together to decide what we have to do to achieve one decision.

“Unfortunately, people don’t realise that transportation is what we call the carrying train, it carries everything you need and even move you to your destination

“Unfortunately, they will realise that all the agencies in the ministry of transportation, they will find out that railway is playing its game and going the other way, NIMASA is on the other side, Shippers’ Council the other side, Ports Authority the other side, they did not believe that they are from the same ministry

“Because of this, I am talking from experience, they are competing amongst each other, there is a lot of envy and jealousy going on among them. Who will take more money, who is bigger than the other

“If we continue this way, the transport modes can never come to pass

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