Outrage as NPA lashes at APMT for collecting illegal fee on barge operations.

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Outrage as NPA lashes at APMT for collecting illegal fee on barge operations.
Tayo Oladipupo
The Nigerian Ports Authority on Tuesday knocked the AP Moller Terminal (APMT) for imposing charges on the barges that move containers to the terminal.
NPA said it approved the opening of the back gate to accept boxes into the terminal as a way to ease congestion on the road only for APMT to turn the good intention of the agency to money making venture.
The Manager, Lagos Port Complex (LPC), Mrs Funmi Olotu who lampooned the terminal at a stakeholders meeting in Lagos, wondered that since the agency did not collect money from APMT for approval, why should it turn it to making illegal fee.
The outspoken Manager therefore called on the terminal managers to create a space inside the terminal for barges to drop their containers.
Her words, “APMT, I don’t know if you are here, I told you yesterday that I am going to put you on the spot until I get you to behave the way we want you to behave in Nigeria.
“What you don’t do outside, don’t come and give it to us here. There is sanity where you are coming from and we want same sanity to play out here.
“Nigeria is a great country, don’t talk to us about the lapses we have, there is no country without any.
“Vessels are coming bigger and APMT has only four berths and with the size of ships we are getting .Now, those berths can only comfortably take three vessels at a time.
“Berge operators come in through Eko Support, ENL and we have been appealing to APMT to give us a verge space within your terminal because these boxes are going to end your terminal so why do they have to come through Eko Support.
“I opened the back gate for you and gave you an approval only for you to turn around and be collecting money.
I didn’t collect money from you to open the back gate, I only pointed a solution.
“We are appealing to you again, we need barge space within APMT, we need barge to bring boxes,” she maintained.

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