NRC Begins Movement of Containers to Decongest Lagos Seaport 

NRC Begins Movement of Containers to Decongest Lagos Seaport 

Abiola Seun

The Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC), said it has begun evacuation of cargoes out of the Lagos seaports to Ebute-Metta and Ijoko, Ogun state.

The evacuation of the container according to the Corporation is to decongest the Lagos seaports and reduce movement of trucks on the highway.

Jerry Oche, Lagos Regional District Manager (RDM) of the NRC said a total of 19 numbers of 40 feet containers or 38 numbers of the 20 feet containers are being moved on the existing narrow gauge line from the Apapa port to Ebute-Metta Junction (EBJ).

He further disclosed that from EBJ, the containers are moved to another containing holding bay at Ijoko station from where the owners of the said containers will move them to the destination points as well as dropping empty or fully loaded containers for exports.

His words, “If we look at 40 feet containers, we are talking of 19 containers in (for exports) and 19 containers out (for the imports) each day. That is equivalent to 38 trucks off the road a day for now. “It could also be 38-feet to 20-feet containers in and 38-feet to 20-feet containers out and that will give us 76 trucks moved off the roads.’’

The service consists of movement of containers from Apapa to various district offices where the articulated vehicles could start transporting them to their various destinations.

He said that the freight haulage out of Apapa port as complementary role to the Nigeria Ports Authority determination to decongest the ports was scheduled to start on April 9, but could not begin due to the series of health and safety training programmes given to the selected railway staff in line with the federal government guidelines on possible ways of containing the coronavirus pandemic.

Though Jerry Oche did not disclose the frequency and total number of containers moved out of the port and the amount of revenue generated by the Lagos district between the commencement date and time of filing this report, he said, the services are being rendered whenever the Nigerian Railway Corporation is called upon to do so.

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