NPA set to suspend stripping operations at Tin Can port to ease traffic

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NPA set to suspend stripping operations at Tin Can port to ease traffic

Segun Oladipupo

The management of Tincan Island Port Complex will on Thursday commence suspension of stripping operations in the bonded terminals operating within the corridor.

The move, according to the management, is to help clear the roads within the corridor of trucks blocking the thoroughfare.

In view of the intended efforts, the Authority has assured Tincan port users of free flow of traffic in the area before end of next week.

Traffic Manager, Tincan Island Port, Mr Peter Abiri in a chat with  newsmen on Tuesday, explained that enforcement of the exercise would commence midnight Wednesday 25th November, 2020, adding that container stripping activities in some of the facilities would be  temporarily suspended.

Mr. Abiri noted that resumption of stripping activities will be reconsidered after the port access road has been cleared of all impediments.

He pointed out that any violation of the directive by the operators will result in the closure of the terminals,saying that the terminals were not originally licensed to do stripping but to operate as bonded terminals.

As part of the efforts to address the long term challenges on the congestion, the Traffic Manager said that the electronic-call up system for trucks coming into the  terminals, will commence operations before the end of the year.

According to him, the five terminals carrying out stripping operations within the port complex have been notified to suspend such operations, saying such activities of the operators have been identified as causes of gridlock within the corridor.

According to Abiri, some of the bonded terminals that engage in stripping include; M.A.N yard and Hannover Terminal .

Others include: Dash Gold (Black gate), SocaTalmis and Wali Galibut at Abuja area of Tincan port.

Abiri said the plans are in top gear to mop up the port access road between Abuja park down to second gate within a week.

According to him, the NPA needs to be proactive in a bid to maintain orderliness  in order to  restore sanity to the port environment.

He described the gridlock as a major crisis that can lead to  mayhem and breakdown of law and order if not managed effectively at the right time.

According to him, most of the stripping operators are not licensed to carry out such operations, adding that 90% of Hannover activities within the port complex has to do with stripping

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