NPA gate tied with rope

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NPA gate tied with rope

What can be more embarrassing than for the gate of a whole Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), the foremost maritime agency in the country, to have one of its gates at Tincan Island administrative block tied with rope?

The office which gate is tied up with rope, is the one housing the Port Manager and other senior workers of the Authority in Tincan.

The essence of having a gate in a building is to secure entrance against any form of attack from unwanted visitors, robbers or so.

Now that the gate is only held with rope, how can it serve this protective function?

Worse still, the building has no illumination at night. All the four halogen lamps hanged on the wall are mere decorations, they are not functional.

A building that has a manager, does the manager want to claim ignorance of these ills? Or is the manager too afraid to make request to the headquarters?

I have heard of NPA receive awards at different fora for performance and efficiency, that may be right but it should also clinch the award of the agency with highest negligence on its facilities too.

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