NCS to tap from experience of retired mgt staff – CGC Adeniyi


By Abiodun OBA

The Comptroller-General of Customs (CGC), Adewale Adeniyi has said that the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) will continue to benefit from the experience of its retired management staff.

At the maiden reunion of retired management staff and serving officers in Abuja at the weekend where they were given different awards and souvenirs, Adeniyi informed that though retired, they will play major roles in policy formulation and trade facilitation in the Customs’ quest for efficiency.

The CGC said, “The inspiration behind this reunion is rooted in the recognition of the invaluable wealth of experience, wisdom, and dedication that each of you contributed during your illustrious service in the NCS.

“This reunion is our way of re-establishing and strengthening those roots that connect the past, present, and future of the Nigeria Customs Service.

“As we bring together different generations of Management Staff, we acknowledge the tremendous wealth of knowledge that resides within this room and the untapped resource that retired officers represent.”

The Comptroller-General of Customs stressed the need to bridge the gap between the past and current generations of officers, noting that the policy which he intends to introduce has been adopted by some other big organisations in the country, like the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Shell Petroleum Development Company, Nigeria Breweries, and General Electric (Nigeria).

According to Adeniyi, “The importance of this connection is evident in various successful organisations that have harnessed the wealth of experience from their retirees,” stressing that some of the mentioned organisations retained pools of experienced retirees as consultants.

The CGC said, “These diverse instances underscore the transformative power of tapping into the wealth of experience held by retired professionals.

“Their insights, cultivated through years of hands-on involvement, strategic decision-making, and problem-solving, have consistently proven invaluable.

“In various organizations, these retirees have not only preserved institutional knowledge but have also played a pivotal role in guiding institutions toward innovation and sustainable growth.

“By drawing parallels with these successful practices, the NCS stands to gain significantly. Applying similar principles in Customs-specific cases, particularly in areas like policy formulation, trade facilitation, and procedural enhancements, can pave the way for a more agile, informed, and forward-thinking customs operation.

“This exchange of insights can propel the NCS toward greater efficiency, enhanced regulatory compliance, and ultimately, contribute to the broader economic development goals of the nation.”

Adeniyi and some of the retirees who spoke unanimously agreed that the impact of the reunion would contribute to greater efficiency, enhanced regulatory compliance, and stable economic development goals for the country.

Some of the retirees present at the occasion included the immediate past Comptroller-General of Customs, Col. Ahmed Ali (retired), Dr. Abubakar Musa, Bernard Nwadialo, and a former sole administrator, Major-General SOG Ango (retired), many retired Deputy Comptroller-Generals of Customs and Assistant Comptroller-Generals of Customs.

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