NAFFAC charges members to eschew acts that can tarnish image of association

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NAFFAC charges members to eschew acts that can tarnish image of association


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The Nigerian Association of Air Freight Forwarders and Consolidated (NAFFAC) has called on its members to conduct themselves in manner that will enhance the fortunes of Nigeria.

The President General of NAFFAC, Dr. Bakare Adeyinka gave the advice during the inauguration of the Port Harcourt chapter of the association on Thursday.

While commending the members for not having been involved in any shady deals, Adeyinka urged them to abstain from and reject practices that can tarnish the name of the country, themselves and NAFFAC.

He also told the members to acquaint themselves with the provisions of the laws of the related agencies having to do with their profession so as to have a good knowledge on how to operate within the ambit of the laws.

He said, “Whatever you do, it is my encouragement and that of NAFFAC that you do apply yourselves towards enhancing the fortunes of this our great country by abstaining from and rejecting practices that sully and tarnish the name of the country, yourselves and NAFFAC.

“Dear colleagues permit me therefore to remind ourselves that in our activities, we have various regulatory agencies with which we interact and it is quite paramount we understand their various roles and what are not their roles according to the national laws setting them up.

“In this regard, we encourage you to acquaint yourselves with relevant provisions of such laws as Customs & Excise Management Act, Nigerian Shippers Council Act, NCAA’s Civil Aviation Act 2006, FAAN Act 9 of 1996 as amended by Decree 52 of 1996, Council, for Regulations of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) Act 16, 2007, NAFDAC Act, Standard Organization of Nigeria Act and SONCAP, etc.

“Understanding the relevant provisions of these Acts enables you perform within the law and these are easily accessible through the websites of the various organizations.

He admonished the members to register with the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) saying that is what can give them leeway to lawful practice of the profession.

Highlighting some of the achievements of the group, Adeyinka who is also an elected member of the board of CRFFN, said NAFFAC had played its role as required in the resolution of situations that freight forwarders found unacceptable to their practice and indeed played a role In the seminars leading to fresh regulatory laws such as the 2006 Nigerian Civil Aviation Act and the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria Act 16, 2007.

“NAFFAC continues to play its role when required in national discourse of freight forwarding relevance. It is our resolve that we shall continue to play positive roles and parts to enhance the practice of freight forwarding by air, sea, land, waterways and rail.

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