My coming to freight forwarding industry is by accident – NAGAFF Electoral boss

Segun Oladipupo           

Okey Nerus Uchegbu popularly known as Jega is the NAGAFF Electoral Commission (NECOM) chairman. He is in charge of all elections at all the chapter levels of the Association.

He is a young man with a friendly mien, approachable and lively. Nerus is the Chief Executive Officer of Lamech Link Global Services Limited. A father, husband, spiritual and of igbo descent.

He came to Lagos in search of a white collar job only to find himself in the freight forwarding circle by virtue of a friend he came across and has become established in the profession.


Bio data

“My name is Okey Nerus Uchegbu, I am NAGAFF NECOM chairman. My company’s name is Lamech Links Global Limited.

“They call me Otunba 1. Otunba literarily means what you choose to be.

“My favourite colour is sky blue and my favourite meal is beans and dodo.

“I relax by playing football every weekend and sometimes sit and unwind. Forget about all these complexities of life, sometime you need to relax.

“I take my spiritual life seriously though not a pastor but a Christian whose ultimate goal is to make heaven because I know we are on transit here and at the end of the day, where do you find yourself. I always have that at the back of my mind. I am guided by the principles and tenets of Christianity.



“I am married, I have children, they are doing well. It is not in our culture to begin to count the number of children we have.

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Growing up and school

“I had a brief stint in the seminary school and after my seminary school, I went to a conventional secondary school and from there I proceeded to Abia State University where I got my first degree. I stepped up from there and did some professional courses in shipping and maritime. The PHD is in sight, it is not there yet .


Freight Forwarding career

“I have been in freight forwarding business for over 15 years. My coming into freight forwarding was by accident because this wasn’t what I was cut out to do. When I came to Lagos, around June 12 era and shortly we had to run back home again because of the political crisis in the country then and we came back again. It has been God all the way and we rely on His grace.

“My coming into freight forwarding was by accident because it was in the course of trying to get a white collar job and settle down and somehow, I ran into a friend who later became my boss and mentor. He mentored me even though I was one leg in and one leg out.
It was in 2003 that I realized I could make out something and I took it seriously and that was when I took it up professionally.


How rich has the profession made you become?

“To God be all the glory because He has been faithful and my client base has grown from having one or two clients to having a good number of them.
The most important thing is to put food on the table and make sure you live a comfortable life, your family is comfortable, you have a shelter over your head and any other thing that is added is extra grace that you receive from God ”

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