Maritime workers union opens trust fund for members 

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Maritime workers union opens trust fund for members 
Segun Oladipupo    |    

In its quest to improve the standard of living of dock workers, the President General of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) Comradep Adewale Adeyanju said the union has started the process of opening a trust fund  for her members.

He said this will help a great deal in assisting and supporting members in times of need.

Speaking at a recent event in Lagos, Adeyanju said the trust fund would be of tremendous benefit to dock workers, even as he stated that the seafarers arm of the union already have theirs in place.

He said, “If we have a trust fund for the dock workers all over  Nigerian seaports, by now we would have been ahead, but today I want to lay a foundation for the dockworker trust fund and its going to be managed by the dock workers executives and that of the National.

“This trust fund, if all of us agreed with me today we can start, imagine if we are putting in N1000 daily  multiplied by the number of the dock workers we have in Nigerian Seaport,  multiplied by number of days and number of years, you will agree with me that it is a lot of millions.

“And for that trust fund if anybody has a challenge which we don’t pray for ,you can come and take out of the trust funds, I have discussed this matter with the dock workers president and I believe this is the time for us to have it.

 “We are going to involve a very good bank that will manage that fund for the dockers”

Adeyanju said that the seafarers arm of the union already had that in place, even as he urged the dock workers’ executives to agree  on the particular amount that would be affordable for the dock workers.

“As I am talking to you, the seafarers have their own trust fund but I believe the dock workers should have their own too. We need to set up a technical committee that will also manage it for the dock workers,” he said.

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