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Living healthy life during menstrual period

Ogunolorundele Favour
 This week  we would be giving tips on how to reduce cramps and how to live a healthy life while menstruating.
  A lot of women/ladies experience cramps during their period, which can be as a result of stress and so on.
These are some tips we can try that will help us reduce cramps.
1 Exercise regularly: physical activity including yoga,help in  for some women.
2.Usage of heat: bathing with hot water or using of hot water bottle or  heat patch on your lower abdomen might ease menstrual cramps.
3.Reduction of stress:Too much of stress might increase the risk of menstrual cramps and their severity.
4.Eating of certain food: Foods that cause bloating and water retention, should be avoided .
Such food includes.
  *Fatty foods
  *Salty foods.
5.Avoid smoking: smoking is very dangerous to the health and smoking during periods are more likely to experience severe pain.
  These few tips can ensure a woman reduce cramps.
   Most women don’t really know how to take care of themselves while menstruating.
These aspect of menstruation is very vital to we women in other not to look unclean.
These tips listed below will help us take good care of ourselves while we are menstruating.
1.bathing regularly at least twice a day
2.Making use of Tampons, menstrual pads,or menstrual cups and dispose properly after 5 hours of usage.
Wearing the same product after 5 hours will give room for bacteria and it can lead to the development of bad odours.
 3.Avoid drinking of coffee because high caffeine can exacerbate your pain and also contribute to breast tenderness.
4.Avoid eating of junk food which contains salt and sugar because it contribute to bloating and discomfort.
5.Using a doche: Avoid using of doche to clean your vaginal,it can be very harmful.It can cause severe health issue like infection .
  These tips given above can help a lot of women ensure a healthy life during menstrual period.

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