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Kudos: Hassan Bello’s legacy, headache for Jime.


According to William Shakespeare, the good that men do lives after them.

That was the case with Barrister Hassan Bello, the immediate past Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC).
Bello was ES of the Council for eight years and left an indelible golden footprint in the sand of the maritime industry time.

No scandal of any sort was heard about him during and after his departure. What a clean slate!

No wonder it was emotion-laden when  the staff of the Council organised a send forth party for him on the last day in office.

In fact, the National Association of Governmemt Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) is planning to host him  this Monday for his undeniable achievements.

Bello succeeded in etching his name in the history of Nigerian maritime industry through hardwork, dedication and commitment to duty.

No doubt, his passion for the development of the industry is next to nothing.

Even though he stepped on toes, it was with Solomon’s wisdom and it is always for the benefit of the industry.

He got what he wanted not without recourse to the rule of engagement.

However, operators and stakeholders are watching with keen interest how the legacy of Bello would be preserved by the present administration owing to the fact that the incoming CEO, though knowledgeable and intelligent, is a politician to the core.

One fear that pervades the heart of industry stakeholders is would Jime have enough time for the technical and sensitive roles of the Council in the development of the maritime industry?.

How much does the new CEO know about the industry? Don’t forget, Bello was an insider before he was elevated to the position of ES.

Does the industry have the strength to wait for another one year or thereabout for the new man to learn the ropes or catch up with the technicalities of the industry?

What happens at the interval of waiting for him to catch up? Would he have time to spare for maritime, especially that he will still have to attend political meetings?

Anyway, Jime is welcome to the Shippers’ Council, the same staff that worked with Bello will lend him their hands, but would he be able to read the lines in their palms early enough? If not, what danger would that portend for the industry?

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