Knocks: Truck owners and their dirty habits

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Knocks: Truck owners and their dirty habits

Federal Government had better do something before something does people in Tincan Island Port environment.

The other side of the road opposite the port where people sell food items, have shops, where commercial sex workers carry out their activities in the night.

This set of people open their shops when the ports are officially closed for the day.

That is not the case under consideration here. The offensive odour that oozes out of the trailers parks belonging to both RTEAN and NARTO is worrisome.

It is the same place where truck drivers and their assistants urinate, is the same place where food vendors sell their foods and their customers sit to eat their food. advises leaders of the various truck associations to take a pragmatic move by providing toilet for their drivers and other clients to stem this looming epidemic.

It is not good to collect dues from members and not use it for their welfare

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