Knocks: How Aboloma disappointed maritime stakeholders

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Knocks: How Aboloma disappointed maritime stakeholders

The recent convocation organised by the management Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) was well attended by the media and representatives of other stakeholders in the Maritime industry.

Being first of its kind, it could be passed for a success due to the response from stakeholders and the education carried out by the Directors of the organisation.

As much successful as the event was, it leaves bitter pills in the mouths of participants as the Director General of the agency failed to attend.

Expectant stakeholders were highly disappointed when it was announced that Chief Osita Aboloma would not be in attendance.

Chief executives of government agencies should learn how to attach importance to engagements with stakeholders because that is where they can feel the pulse of the people they are working with.

Frankly speaking, Aboloma can do better than this. Next time, all eyes are watching for another excuse that will be given.

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