KNOCKS: Do truck owners place money above life?

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KNOCKS: Do truck owners place money above life?


It is unfortunate that truck owners whose trucks ply the Lagos ports left their drivers and assistant drivers unattended to.

Truck drivers are the set of most unprotected people in the port in the face of the raging covid 19 pandemic.

Their principals may have cared more about their income than their employees.

The guys were left to their fate to face death by failing to provide them with necessary safety kits and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This was widely reported in the media.


It is disheartening to leave these set of workers uncared for while they go about seeking help from government agencies to provide the equipment for their workers.

One is tempted here to ask if the money they make are remitted to either NPA, NSC or NIMASA that they are asking for help for their drivers.

They should have at least made a move to help their employees and thereafter seek help if what they provided was not enough.

How can you make money into your pockets and expect government agencies to buy protective equipment for your drivers at a time you hiked your fare? What an irony.

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