KNOCKS: CRFFN and its insensitive posture over COVID-19 

KNOCKS: CRFFN and its insensitive posture over COVID-19 

One wonders if the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) has anything to offer the clearing agents.

In the face of Covid 19, as the Nigerian Shippers’ Council was frantically making efforts to cushion the effect of the pandemic on Shippers, it is also running to ease the tension on freight forwarders.

What then is the responsibility of the CRFFN that cannot provide succour for its immediate constituency but was quick to launch collection of Practitioners Operating Fee (POF).

Recall that this is the agency that shared Toyota Hilux to sime of the chairmen of its committees but failed to do the needful when it is most needed.

No wonder some freight forwarders vowed never to pay the POF saying they did not see what the Council has done for them.

CRFFN should stand up to its responsibilities and stop hiding under the shadow of Shippers’ Council.

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