KNOCK: Apapa, a city taken over by Refuse and Flood

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KNOCK: Apapa, a city taken over by Refuse and Flood


The once glorious Apapa town known as port city, is now a shadow of its past as the town has been taken over by refuse and floods.

The state of the town needs urgent attention. Sometimes in wonders if the town has any government attention

There are heaps of diets everywhere especially where people sell and food sellers also carry out their trades.

The Local Government Council seems to have run out of ideas to redeem the town

Recall that knock mentioned this case recently but it cannot talents lens off because things seem to get worse with the residents getting more helpless.

If urgent steps are not taken, like Wuhan where Coronavirus emanated, we pray Apapa does not become another Wuhan to the world.

A word is enough for the wise.

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