Kenya lifts drone ban in 2020

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Kenya lifts drone ban in 2020


Kenya is planning to lift a ban on drones prohibited in March after parliament annulled regulations that were meant to legalise them in 2020.

The Director-General of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA), Gilbert Kibelet this out in Nairobi, Kenya.

“We are close to completing the draft regulations which will be presented to parliament for approval to end the ban on the use of drones. We hope to complete the process in the coming weeks,” he said.

Parliament revoked the previous regulations that were to permit the use of drones over privacy concerns and lack of public participation.

Kibe said, adding: “We have since made the corrections to the regulations to ensure drones are not misused by civilians.”

According to the KCAA, the regulations will also ensure that the use of remotely piloted aircraft is not a threat to national security.

Kibe said that the new regulations would also regulate the importation and commercial use of drones for photography, recreational, humanitarian, and health services. He stated that the proposed legal framework will provide for the establishment of a registry for all drone-owners in the country.

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