It is not good to love anything to the extreme – Thom Lee

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It is not good to love anything to the extreme – Thom Lee


Mr. Olaleye Thompson Olatubosun is the Chief Executive Officer of Thom Lee Nigeria Limited. A logistics company with chains of investment that has been in business for fifteen years.

He doubles as the President, Amalgamation of Container Trucks Owners.

Thom Lee is one of the few logistics companies that survived the bad road tsunami which swept away businesses in Apapa.

Speaking in this chat with, the charming young man said that he refuses to let his good look soil his hands with women flocking around him.

According to him, his family is paramount to him and his job spares him no time to hang around with the opposite sex.

His physical look gives him out as a disciplinarian, whether he matches this with action cannot be readily decided here. Read the interaction.

My name is Olaleye Thompson Olatubosun

My favourite colour is sky blue. I like sky blue because it is not too flashy and not too dull.

I don’t really have any favourite food. Anything is good for me.

I have two children and one wife. I met my wife in 1987, she was in school then while I just finished my youth service.

My growing up was partly a bit in the north, my primary school in Lagos, my secondary school in Ilesha, my A’ Levels in Ife and my university education was in Ibadan.

I am from Ilesha and after my education, I travelled to Germany.

My coming into trucking business was not by accident.  It is a job I have always lived to do. Though challenging, I am someone that likes to do things that will I always want to engage myself with things that will make me run up and down and I think I found joy in this business.

I have been in the business for precisely fifteen years now. It is a good business if well planned even though it has a lot of risks.

How do you manage women that may want to swarm around you? 

Any man whether successful or not needs people around him both male and female. Being friendly to women doesn’t make you a wayward person but what matters most is for you to have self-discipline. If you have self-discipline, there is no point but one thing about me is that I love my family so much and I cannot compromise that with anything. If I tell you I don’t have a girlfriend, you may not believe it but I don’t have a single one. My daughter is my girlfriend.

How do you relax?

Sincerely, since the problem of the road began, I don’t relax. I just came in now not quite one hour and I still have some meetings later today. It is a must for me every day to wait under the tree at Area B police to watch activities of truckers and task team and after a while, I go to Lilypond to see if things are moving on well and if they are treating my people well. Around 10 to 11 pm we regroup again to continue the monitoring even on Sundays.

Are you a Muslim or Christian and what is your perception about religion?

I am a Christian. I believe in God and in the existence of God.

What’s your perception about life?

Life is simple depending on the way you see it. If you take it simple, it will be easy and if you take it other way, you will find it difficult.

Are you a football fan? 

Definitely. I have two clubs in Europe; Manchester United and Barcelona. In fact, I just got my Man United jersey to tell you that I love football so much.

If your club loses a match, how do you bear it.

They are doing their business and I am doing my own business; I don’t allow it to affect me.

I have seen a lot of people who love things to the extreme football is a game, whatever comes, we accept it, after all, nobody is paying me for it.

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