Is newly constructed wharf road getting weak?

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The N4.3 billion Wharf road jointly constructed by Dangote Group, Flour Mills and NPA just a little over one year ago has already started giving sign of stress.
The road is beginning to crack under the impart of ceaseless vehicular pressure.

If the road which carries heavy duty laden trucks is beginning to get dilapidated this early, considering how long it took before it received attention, port users should prepare for another hectic experience.

Recall how excruciating it was for stakeholders to access the port when the road was bad.

Could such an unpleasant experience retrun so soon after just a year?

One begins to wonder if Messr Dangote, the contractor put into consideration the weight and number of trucks plying the corridor while constructing road?

Or can it be simply summed up that the road contractors are neophytes in road construction or lack the requisite equipment?

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