I would have been a trader if I have not come to maritime industry- Ikokide

Dr. Zebulon Ikokide is the President of Nigerian Institute of Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers (NIFFCB). He had worked for 19 years with Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC before he attained retirement age in 2012.

He has cut his teeth in the maritime industry as the shipping officer of Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC during his days with the organisation.

Ikokide said that he had passion for imparting knowledge on younger generation of people even as he reiterated his undying love for Professionalism.
He hails from Delta state but was and bred in Epe area of Lagos State where he attended his primary school before moving to the mainland.
As a core Deltan, he loves Banga soup, a native soup of Deltans.
His favourite colour is white because he believes he should look radiant all the time.

My Early years

My name is Dr. Zebulon Olusanmi Ikokide, I am from Delta state but I was born and bred in Olusanmi Row division of Lagos State. I attended Roman Catholic primary school within that region and I have being having all my education here in Lagos.
attended Ansar Ud Deen secondary school in Surulere where I got my O level and later went to do National Certificate in Transport Management in West Indies.
When I came back I had to do Post Graduate Diploma in Maritime Law in Lagos state University and later Masters Degree in Transport Planning from Lagos state University and i had to later go for PhD in Cornerstone University in Jerusalem. I was already working with Flour Mills then. I worked with Flour Mills for 19 years but I have been working in some other places before coming to Flour Mills.
Favourite food
My favourite food is Banga soup which is our native soup. I am used to South West foods and i can use it to take the banga soup. I also like Ewo soup that is always cooked with dry fish.
Favourite colour 
I love white colour because I have to look neat  always and to make people know that not all shipping men are dirty as believed in many quarters.
What do you like doing often?
I like educating people. I like telling people about how  things should be done. I am happy educating people and talking to people. I am very passionate about teaching people.


High moments 
I was very happy when I got my PhD. My company acknowledged that I am a PhD holder. I am happy because I have a title before my name because captains of ships used to think they were higher than I before I got my PhD.
They started respecting me and most of the captains I worked with started going back to school to get more certificates. Even one of my bosses then had to go back to school after he saw that i had gotten my degree.
Do you drink?
No. Not quite but if we go for occasions, I don’t reject if they offer me a drink but when I found out it was not good health wise, I stopped it.

Do you have girl friends?
At the early stage of my life, yes I did that but when i was getting older, with children going to school and a lot of responsibilities, you need to be careful in adding more responsibilities to yourself.

Are you religious?
Yes. I am an elder in Christian Pentecostal Mission church. I have worked as the head of the church’s committees several times. Even Now, I am in the Men’s  Fellowship of my church.
Whether you are a Muslim or a Christian, you need that religiosity to be able to live a good life..

If you had not worked in the Maritime, what would you have done?
May be I would have been a trader because I like selling

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