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I met my wife inside the port terminal — Franklin Imona

Franklin Imona is the District 1 Apapa Vice Chairman, Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN).
Simple, young and humble.

He actually has the charisma of a unionist through his outspoken nature.  Imona is a communicator from the Auchi Polytechnic.  He relays his growing up and other information that reveal his true personality.

What’s your full name?
My name is Franklin Afeonkhai imona

Where are you from?
I am from Owen East in Edo state

Tell us your academic background.
I went to primary and secondary schools in Lagos and capped it up in Auchi Polytechnic where I studied Mass Communication.

You are a communicator, what are you doing in MWUN?
In the course of my going to school, during holidays, I did visit the terminals and after graduating, I got a job with a costing firm. I was there for like three years but it wasn’t what I wanted. I tried other places but didn’t work out the way I wanted it and I came back to the terminal and ever since then, i decided to remain in the terminal and i pitched my tent with Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria.

I believe when you joined the maritime Union, it was the time of hooliganism and gangsterism, how were you able to cope and remain till now?

During the time I was still in school and visiting the terminals, the hooliganism was there and when I graduated, and Tony Nted and Adewale Adeyanju began to bring changes to the union, I began to see the changes and soon things began to change both in the job and the union, I just decided to stay.

Tell us about your growing up
I was born in state house in  Lagos. Then, my father was working with the then Governor of Lagos state, late Mobolaji Johnson.

My father went to war and had bullet wound on his leg and could not continue the work. I grew up in Olodi Apapa.
I went to St John primary school, Ifelodun secondary school  before going to Auchi Polytechnic.
Growing up was fun. I am the second boy in the family of six boys and two girls. Growing up wasn’t easy, we had to work during the holiday to assist the family. My first job then was in SS 2 and that was when the hustling actually started.
Presently, I am married, I have three children and God has been faithful to us.

You are handsome and well to do, how many girl friends do you have?
I don’t have girl friends but I have female friends and some are my business associates. We talk and we assist each other when necessary.

How did you meet your wife?

I met her in this terminal. She works with an haulage company then and I was available and things worked out and we got married.

As a port operator, how do you relax?
Sometimes I rest at the weekend because our job is 24 hours operation.  Relaxation during the week is out of it. It is whenever you get home that you lay your back on the ground. 5 am the next day you are up getting ready to go to work.

What’s your favourite football club?
I am Arsenal football club supporter. I like Arsenal because of the flair in their game and because Thierry Henry was there.

Are you satisfied with the leadership style of Comrade Adewale Adeyanju as the President General?
I am very satisfied. He has been a wonderful person, a leader, a father, he has got some qualities that only few people have. The way he carries both workers and union members along is unprecedented. Whenever there is any issue, he tries to settle it amicably.

What about the branch President?

He is my boss, a wonderful person. I have learnt a lot from him even when he was still the District chairman here and then I was unit chairman. The District chairman too is a wonderful person, a good listener and a giver.
Any regret in life?
I don’t have any regret per se. I take things as they come. I just try to adjust to any situation I find myself

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