I have no time for social engagement due to the numbers of ‘wives’ I have – Adeyanju, MWUN President

By Dapo Olawuni      |      

Comrade Adewale Adeyanju, President General of Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has revealed that as president of number one workers union in the Nigeria’s maritime sector, he has no time for social activities and outings because he is an extremely busy man responsible to ‘four wives”

The wives according to him are; Dockworkers Branch, Seafarers Branch, NPA Branch and Shipping Branch, all four are branches of the MWUN to which he is responsible to every day.

Adeyanju said that due to the demand of the office he occupies, he works around the clock, including Saturdays and Sundays.

He also said he is not a fan of going to theatres and cinemas to watch movies.

“I relax with my family mostly, I go out with them sometimes, it is not easy the way you are seeing it because I work both Saturdays and Sundays, from interacting with you now, I believe I am relaxed, if I am interacting  with other people I am also relaxing, until when I get home”

“If you invite me for an occasion, I will come there, but for me to go for movies, what am I going there for at my level and my age, so I would just go to the theatre and seat down when I already have it in my house”

“As we are talking now, I am listening to music and I believe it is part of the relaxation, but for me to now say ‘ my children, let’s go to the theatre’ that one is out of it for me, because this job does not allow me to do that anymore”
“I am currently married to four wives, the moment you are trying to settle with one, the other one will come with her  own problems, and that is Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria for you, we have the NPA Branch, Shipping Branch, Dockworkers Branch and Seafarers Branch, and you know that the seafarers and dockworkers are like father and mother, they behave the same way”

“So, when you are trying to settle one wife, the other one comes with her own case, how do you now have time to go and relax to watch movie or theatre. The only enjoyment or relaxation I get is when I am inside my car listening to news or music”

“I am an extremely busy person, this is an institution that my predecessors have laid down, and I cannot afford to fail, you were all there at the sent forth for my predecessor when stakeholders said the size of his shoes he left behind were big and asked if I can fill it”

“So, I need to do it because our sector is so peculiar, it is not that I am the best, if I am not there, the job must continue, but we must protect that name, Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria and you must protect your own name too as the leader of the union so that your people will know that you are not sleeping”.

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