I hate Chelsea Football Club with passion – Akande, SIFAX image maker 


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Akande Olumuyiwa is the Head, Corporate Communications of SIFAX Group. This handsome, unassuming young man exudes humility almost to a fault. His face always displays gaiety, never ruffled, hardworking and above all, operates open door policy at work. He is accessible and approachable. 

Mr. Akande is a friend to all journalists who have ever met him. One cannot meet him and not be his friend because he takes no one for granted.

Having been a journalist himself in the past and now in the corporate world, he understands how to relate with the people within his constituency . His energy and agility belly his statute as he has great passion for his job, the same passion with which he said he loathes Chelsea Football club.
He lets Maritime Life in to his world full of fun.
My name is Olumuyiwa Akande.
I am the Head of Corporate Communications, SIFAX Group. Apart from SAHCO, I manage every Corporate Communication responsibility of other subsidiaries of the  group.

Favourite colour
Blue. I just like blue colour though I don’t support Chelsea Football Club. In fact, I hate Chelsea. It is part of the contradictions.

Favourite food
It has to be rice. Anything rice; fried, jollof, even concoction as long as it is rice and I can take it three times in a day.

Philosophy of life
Number one, like the popular saying, vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. All that we struggle  to become, all that we desire, everything will come to an end one day. That is why I believe that life should not be taken so seriously.

While you should be serious with whatever endeavour you have, you must also find time to relax, find time to enjoy yourself  and make  impact on people.
In fact, that is my underlying purpose for life. Life that does not have effect on others is a wasteful life. If everything you think about is yourself, your wife and your children, that is wasting God’s resources in your life.
I do tell my wife that if I am waiting to meet all the needs in the house, there will be no time to attend to others. There are some things that we might not be able to do for ourselves that we need to leave until we have bigger resources but what we have, is not meant for us alone. We will take our portion and minister to the lives of others.
Life is about impact on the lives of people. I have the belief that every man that God brings your way is for a purpose. It is either to be a lesson to the person or be a blessing to the person. It could be that God wants to use you as ladder for the person to get ahead in life or that person might be one of the people that God wants to use for you. So, whoever you meet in life, in my belief, must be treated very well with dignity, with respect because you don’t know what God has planned.

State of origin and academic background.
I am from Osun state. I grew up in Ijebu-jesha, a town very close to Ilesha but I am from Iresi. Iresi is a small village not far from Ila and not far from Iree. Part of my growing up was at Ibadan but I started my primary school at Ibadan.

The family relocated when I was in primary 2 because my father was a policeman. He was always on the move. So, I attended my secondary school at Ijebu-jesha,  then I left for University of Ilorin where I had my degree in Linguistics and I have a Certificate in Pan Atlantic in Business Communication. I am starting my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) very shortly.

Immediate family
I have only one wife and I have three children. Two boys and a girl.

How do you relax?
Well, the nature of this job does not allow me to relax as I would have loved to that is why I don’t usually attend social events on Saturdays because that is the only day I have to rest except it becomes very important. Somebody I cannot say no to.

My Sunday is as busy as any other day. So, the only time I have is Saturday.
So, I relax by sleeping and there is always an instruction that nobody should wake me up on Saturdays, I wake up by myself. So, I don’t join the family for devotion on Saturdays. I wake up anytime I am led. And when I wake up, because I love reading, I read and I have to study hard  in preparation for sermon that I will preach on Sunday.
I squeeze visiting members of the church into Saturdays and of course, I love English Premier League (EPL) because I don’t really follow other leagues except for Barcelona. So, I try to watch one or two games on Saturdays. Basically, I pack a whole lot into the only day I have to do other things apart from work.

Why do you dislike Chelsea Football Club?
Number one, Chelsea is based in London and the club I follow also is also based in London. It is natural for me to hate them and I hate them with passion.

Two, I don’t like Mourinho. I feel when you support Arsenal and Barcelona,  there is a kind of football philosophy that you will like and Chelsea does not play that way. Chelsea is defensive in approach and Arsenal is free flow which Barcelona also plays. I also feel not many enlightened people follow Chelsea. I might not have any scientific proof. I really don’t have cogent reason but I really don’t like the club. I can’t support the Club, I will rather go and support rugby or hockey game.

If you were not working with SIFAX what would you have been doing?
If I don’t do this job, I would have been a lecturer teaching history. It was my best subject in secondary school. If I had not gone the route of Linguistics, I would have studied History. I still love it till tomorrow.

Do you still intend to teach after leaving this job?
Yes. Even right now, I teach in church and I lead youth fellowship in my province as well. May be after retiring, I will be a part time lecturer and I will be a farmer.

What informed your writing a book?
In my church, last Sunday of every months called super Sunday where the youth are in charge of everything in the church. It is a way of integrating them. It is more of Redeemed programme and few years ago, on a particular sunday, the leader approached me that they would like me to handle the sermon. He said I should take on any subject and over time, I have been reading biographies and auto biographies of people and how they overcame challenges and all the researches I have done overtime including my visit to the many places in the United States of America when I was studying Business Communication afforded me a wide range of knowledge and experience to put together a thirty minute talk and by God’s grace, it was wonderful and there were testimonies after then and I said if it blessed a little congregation, why not put it in a format that will bless more lives.

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