I don’t want anyone to remember me for anything – Hassan Bello

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I don’t want anyone to remember me for anything – Hassan Bello


Barrister Hassan Bello, the Executive Secretary of Nigerian Shippers’ Council, is an epitome of modesty and humility.
Despite the string of successes and achievements he has recorded as the CEO of the Council, Barrister Bello did not allow this giant stride to intoxicate him.
Rather, he regards his sterling performance as his modest contribution to the growth of the country.
He said when he dies, no epitaph should be written about him. In this interview with Funso Olojo, Bello gives an insight into his philosophy of life.
Q.  What do you want to be remembered for after leaving the Council? 

A.  Mine is to do my part and go away. I don’t want anyone to remember me for anything. That is why I don’t receive award as long as I am on this seat. What are you giving me award for? People can gossip about me when I die. Whatever they say dies not concern me but all I know is that I will do my own part for my country because this is a very beautiful country, this is a country which is at the centre of the universe and this country has not attained its potential of being the super power so that we can wipe out the shame of the black man.
So, all of us should do our parts and make sure that things come together if not for now, may be in future.

Q.   Do you have any regrets?

Yes, I have regrets that I read law, not history, see my mates there.

Q.  I mean any regret on this job

I don’t have any regret, I envy them. My regrets are certain issues like not being able to pursue economic reforms.  I have regrets that we still have rickety trucks going to the port. I regret that we have this gridlock. Anytime I pass through the port, I have regrets.

These things are curable, we should be above that. I have regrets that people are taking their cargo to other ports. I have a regret that we lack infrastructure. I have a regret that our lack of planning is inexplicable, how we cannot plan and that is really painful So, these are my regrets.

Q.  How do you relax?

A.  It is just management of time really. All of us have tight schedules. In this place, there is no weekend, we hold meetings on Sundays but there must be time for someone to relax and take something off.

Q.  How do you unwind? 

A.  On a serious note, it is tasking to look at the problems of the port and try to solve them but there is always time for one’s family.  Management of time is very important.  You need to be close to your family afterall, they are the ones that spur you up.

The staff of the Council are the ones that cheer us up. We have very dedicated staff in the Council and don’t forget this is the intellectual arm of the transport business.

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