Hire competent companies to handle Lagos Waterways dredging – Coalition urges Sanwo-Olu


By Abiodun OBA


Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu-led administration has been urged to swing into action and award the Lagos Waterways dredging contract to capable hands that would optimally deliver.

A coalition, under the aegis of The Joint Youth Progressive Alliance (JYPA), made the call decrying the alleged shoddiness and incompetence of the dredging company involved in the Lagos Waterways projects.

JYPA, a coalition of over 20 civil society organisations (CSOs), made the call in a signed statement by its spokesperson, Comrade Moshood Obafemi.

The statement stated that the body’s findings showed that the equipment used by the dredging company was fewer in number and of lesser grade, “which, therefore, makes it grossly inadequate to create a New Channel, especially in such terrain, despite the huge amount of money estimated for the Project.”

The group, while noting that the contract sum of the project was estimated to be about N5 billion, expressed concern at the level of incompetence displayed by the dredging company on-site.

It stated that it would be disastrous for such a huge amount of money, amounting to billions of naira, to go down the drains due to some incapable, inexperienced, and incompetent companies saddled with some responsibilities and failing to discharge their duties optimally.

JYPA therefore, urged the governor to wield the big stick no matter whose ox is gored and award the contract to a capable company that would give the needed result.

“At a time when the nation is going through economic downturn, it will be unpalatable to lose billions of naira.

“We call on the Lagos State government to earnestly address the situation and put the right peg in the right hole to achieve good, favourable, fruitful, and pleasant results that will be commended by all and sundry,” the coalition advised.


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