Hard times are not forever – Rebecca Adamu

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Hard times are not forever – Rebecca Adamu


Rebecca Adamu is the Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) in Nigerian Shippers’ Council.  Rebecca’s familiar identity is smiles. She is unassuming, respectful, meticulous and friendly.

She is always focused and firm in her decisions and relationship with people. Her simple look is a pointer to how easy she takes life.

In this chat with nigeriamaritime360, she wonders why religion has suddenly become a tool of division in Nigeria.

She said religion used to unite everybody at the time she was growing up in the midst of Muslims even though she is a Christian.


Enjoy the piece.


My favourite colour is maroon.

I attended Federal Government College, Maiduguri.

went to the University of Jos and the University of Maiduguri.

I hold BA (Hons) in Mass Communication.


I am the fourth and first girl in the family of twelve.

I love to eat  vegetable soup with fresh catfish (margi special) and tuwon shinkafa.


I grew up in Maiduguri, Borno State. I did my primary, secondary and university in Maiduguri.  At that time, Borno State was very peaceful with no religious discrimination

90% of my childhood friends were Muslims and up til today, we are still friends. We sometimes wonder what went wrong whenever we compared what is happening now in the state and the nation as a whole to that of our time.

I remembered vividly at that time the Muslim brethren will visit the FCS fellowship, attend Christmas carol together, visit father Christmas together likewise the Christian brethren will visit MSS and will even be introduced as guests.

During Ramadan period, parents of the Muslim students will bring fruits, akara, koko etc and everybody whether Christian or not, they would be given to all.  We really need to go back to the olden days where love and oneness will be the fresh air we breath.


I relax by liistening to country music.


I see life as a gift of God.

To me, life is full of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, victory and defeat, if things are going on well enjoy it for it might not last for ever, if things are going bad don’t worry because it can’t last forever either.


I got my job at the Nigeria Shippers’ Council on merit.

I sat for the exams and interview; passed and I got the job.

if I did not work in NSC, I would have ended up in classroom, I like teaching,

I grew up  under strict parents, my late father was a very strict government worker while my mother is a tough woman. With that, my father was the first to preach Christ to me.

He was.the first to put me inside aeroplane, he was the first to take me to a film house, first to take me to watch cultural dance and so many other things.

What pisses me off is greed and my turn-on is when someone.exhibits kindness to another person.

I used to eat more of carbohydrates especially rice but as I.am growing older, I found out I don’t like them any more..

I actually grew up in d campus then NECAS meaning North Eastern College of Arts and Science now University of Maiduguri. And that really affected my life style.

The school is situated inside the campus and there is a place of worship there, market is there, relaxation place is there and many other things.


You hardly have any reason that will take you out. So, even right now in Lagos, my office, market, place of worship are all working distance. The only thing that can take me out is office assignments by travelling out of Lagos.

In campus like universities campus you have all the regions in Nigeria living. You can have the Yorubas, Igbos, Hausas etc so growing up in their midst up till today make me see us all as one Nigerian.

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