Group calls for suspension of remediation exercise in Ogoni land.

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Group calls for suspension of remediation exercise in Ogoni land.

A Non-Government Organisation (NGO), Ogoni Liberation Initiative (OLI) on Thursday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to suspend the contract awarded for the cleaning up of oil spill in Ogoni land as the project is allegedly not being executed.

The group also wants the federal government to review and investigate the extent of work carried out so far saying that the project has yielded no impact since its commencement.

The Non-Governmental organization appealed to the government to investigate the project which it claimed had failed to provide pipe-borne water for the people while the project is ongoing.

Recall that the federal government in June commenced remediation exercise in 16 sites impacted by oil pollution, across the four local government areas in Ogoniland.

But speaking at a press briefing in preparation for the launch of a book titled: “The issues of Ogoni people, the crisis and the solution, Creating Awareness for Public Participation ” in Lagos,  President, Ogoni Liberation Initiative, Rev. Fabeke Douglas lamented that the cleanup project of the communities had no human face as the contractors have failed to provide adequate water supply for the people.

Douglas stressed the need for the Buhari-led government to suspend and evaluate the project even as he described it as a mere jamboree.

He also described Late President Musa Yar’ Adua initiative as the best approach to the people of the kingdom but lamented “Nothing is going on at the moment.

Douglas affirmed that people in communities do not know the contractors and there is no information centre on ground for the dissemination of information.

“The suspension will be a good one for the communities because nothing is going on. There was supposed to be a central office for the Ogoni land to engage the contractors, we don’t know the contractors and don’t know if they are professional experts, the kind of equipment they use and that is why we want President Buhari to suspend this exercise and assess what is going on.

“Before this clean up there is supposed to be a water project but as we speak there is no drinking water anywhere in our community.

According to him, the contractor supply drinkable waters to the people with tankers at their wish adding that a professional body of experts should be constituted to investigate the failed project.

He noted that the book has the right approach to tackle the crisis in the Niger Delta region and the Ogoni people, in particular,  pointing out that each page provides solutions to the problem of the Ogoni people.

He stated that “We intend to develop, support and seek the socio-economic welfare of Ogoni people through justice and developmental programmes leading to sustainable community transformation through collaboration and partnership in the following superstructure areas; which include, the building of power generation plants in all the six kingdoms in Ogoni.

Continuing on what is expected by the organization, Douglas added that it intends to encourage investors to build industries and to establish a sustainable peaceful environment.

“Proposed establishment OG brand, evacuation of some suffering Ogoni people who were dumped and frustrated in Benin Republic since 1995 and to propose the establishment of oil and gas refining companies in Ogoni land.

He also said that the NGO has taken the pain to make sure relevant information that will ease the quick recovery of Ogoni land is presented in the book and also ready to carry both Ogoni and Nigerian stakeholders along through seeking for constructive advice and fruitful ideas.

The President added that the organization was focussed on driving a wider platform of peace projects that will cut across the Niger Delta region, adding that it will provide a fantastic platform that can open door to government to resolve all pending crises that can lead to the total transformation of the Ogoni people.

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