FAAN debunks rumoured ban on Uber, Bolt, other Operators

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FAAN debunks rumoured ban on Uber, Bolt, other Operators

Chinazor Megbolu     |     

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) had said the report making rounds that Uber, Bolt, Taxify, and others have been banned from operating at the airport is false.

FAAN, in a statement on Tuesday, said its attention was drawn to it and the organization had to come out to state its stand on the issue.

According to the statement, “the attention of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has been drawn to an online report making the rounds that the Authority has placed a ban on the usage of Uber, Bolt, and others at the Lagos airport”.

“We will like to state with all emphasis that passengers and the general public are free to use whatever means or mode convenient to transport themselves to the Lagos and other airports in Nigeria”.

The statement stressed further that FAAN is using this avenue to inform members of the public that the said signpost did not originate from FAAN and had directed its security personnel to remove the said signpost and investigate the source.

“FAAN did not ban Uber, Taxify and other such transport service providers from the Lagos airport, including those on motorcycles legally allowed to operate in the city, “the Authority said.

The report said FAAN has issued a directive via the billboard to state that Uber, Taxify and other ride-sharing companies are not allowed to pick up passengers from the airport.

In the cause of the alleged ban, Nigerians frowned at such a directive, saying FAAN is using the avenue to protect the local taxi jobs and drivers who are suffering from low patronage since the arrival of Uber and Taxify on the sector.

The said signpost, which leaves a fine N10,000 for offenders, Nigerians feared the local operators would have used the opportunity to milk passengers dry with outrageous charges especially in the case of new arrivals in town.


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