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Knocks: Electronic call up system: Litmus test for NPA


The much talked about electronic call up system adopted by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) to nip the menace of traffic in the port, seems to have turned out to be a curse instead of blessing.

The system which thrived within its first two weeks of implementation attracting the applause of stakeholders, has suddenly become a shadow of itself.
For many weeks now, the system has been ailing without hope of its cure in a distant future because it is stakeholders have alleged it’s epilepsy to sabotage by insiders.
Keen observers of events in the ports have said the system had blocked the avenues through which security agents who wear government security agents outfit but working for themselves, have discovered that they no longer get the free money as they used to.
This, they allege does not exempt officials of some government agencies who got miffed at the introduction of the system hence rendering it redundant.
Though some have also advocated that there cannot be an innovation without teething problem but when a problem is taking same colouration over and over, one has to suspect foul play.
So, NPA as the custodian of the electronic call up system, should rise to the occasion and get this one right once and for all.
Despite this call, not much change is expected as along as the cabal are still in power and control of the road traffic.

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