Customs revenue at PTML shoots up by 29.4% In September

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Customs revenue at PTML shoots up by 29.4% In September

Abiola Seun

The PTML command of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has recorded a 29.4 percent increase in revenue.

This was an increased from N12.6 billion in August to N13.3billion in September making a 29.4 percent increment in between the two months.

According to a statement made available to journalists over the weekend by the Public Relations Officer of the Command, Yakubu Mohammed, the PTML Com­mand generated N116.5bn as rev­enue be­tween Jan­uary and Septem­ber 2019.This is an in­crease of N 28.9bn against the

N 87.6bn that was gen­er­ated in the cor­re­spond­ing pe­riod of 2018.

According to the statement, the command generated N15billion in January, N10 billion in February, N12billion in March, N13billion in April, N12billion in May and N13billion in June.

In July, the command generated the highest revenue at N14billion, N12billion at August and N13billion in September 2019.

PTML is a ve­hi­cle im­port ter­mi­nal and the in­crease in rev­enue has been at­trib­ut­able to in­crease in ve­hi­cle im­ports through the sea­ports.

Mo­hammed further added that the con­certed ef­fort of the Area Con­troller, Florence Dixon, also con­trib­uted to the in­crease in rev­enue.

Yakubu who ex­plained that the Com­mand’s monthly rev­enue tar­get is N 10.3bn ,said the increase in revenue was a result of increasing cargo throughput into the command.

He re­port­edly said that be­fore the re­cent bor­der clo­sure, peo­ple had called to say they wanted to bring in their cars through the sea­ports to avoid em­bar­rase­ment.

He said, “The through­put of cars com­ing into the sea­port is in­creas­ing, I don’t know if it is be­cause of the clo­sure of the land bor­ders, but I know that our rev­enue has shot up and the cargo through­put has im­proved.”

“The total sum of N 116.5billion was raked into the Federation account in the Months of January- September 2019, compared to January- September 2018,

N87.6billion with a surplus value of N28.9billion. This shows a 33% increase in revenue in the comparison. The above feat is a result of increase in cargo throughout and diligence on the part of officers and men.

He added that since the com­ing on­board of Dixon, all of­fi­cers had been sen­si­tised to make sure that the Com­mand sur­passed its monthly rev­enue tar­get.

He added, “Any­time I en­ter into her of­fice, she is al­ways on the sys­tem where she looks out for in­frac­tions, un­der pay­ments or any­thing, she would re­vert to the releasing of­fi­cer for De­mand No­tice to show that there are lapses on the pay­ment.”

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