Boat Mishap: Two migrants missing in boat after collision

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Boat Mishap: Two migrants missing in boat after collision

Abiodun OBA      |       

Two migrants out of the 34 people on board the boat sailing from the Turkish coast towards the Greek island of Kos have been declared missing.

The boat collided with a Greek coastguard vessel in the Aegean on Wednesday.
The state broadcaster ERT reports that six of the migrants were injured in the collision and they had been taken to the hospital.

The coastguard blamed the incident on the migrants’ vessel, alleging that it was unmarked, making it difficult to see it in the morning darkness when the incident occurred.
The report says hundreds of migrants have been setting off for a dangerous sail from Turkey to the Greek Aegean islands nearly every day in recent months.

According to it, no fewer than 233 people have drowned in the previous two years while making an attempt to migrate to European countries.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees records that the pace of arrivals in the Aegean has gone up since April, noting that it was 29,718 in 2017 and 32,494 in 2018.

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