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ANLCA boils as two National officers engage in battle of wits


“Farinto thrives on dishonest declarations, blackmail” — Joe Sanni.

“Joe Sanni is deranged” — Farinto


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The fragile peace at the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents(ANLCA) may have been ruptured as two Executive members of the association are currently clawing at each other’s throats over the operational challenges of members.

The National Publicity Secretary (NPS) ANLCA,   Adumaza Joe Sanni and Kayode Farinto, the National Vice-president of ANLCA, are at dagger-drawn over the purported letter written by the latter  to the World Customs Organization over the perceived distortions in Customs operational procedures.

Apparently angered by what he described as Farinto ‘s utter disregard for the association’s protocols and due process in the way he handled the issue, Sanni took a swipe at the ANLCA’ Vice-president whom he accused of insurbodination
and self -preservation.

In a viral facebook post, Sanni poured invectives on Farinto whom he accused of masking his self interests as members’ interests.
Sanni, who was the former Senior Special Assistant (SSA), Media to the immediate past President of ANLCA, Prince Olayiwola Shittu, threw a jab at Farinto for “misrepresenting the association” in the controvesial letter to the World Customs body. 

He further accused Farinto of dishonest declarations, saying the  ANLCA Vice president lacked capacity for interpretation, classification, origin and valuation.

” First, it must be noted that Kayode Farinto has no constitutional right, as a national vice president of ANLCA, to interface, inform or even misinform-in this case- the public, without being directed by the national President of ANLCA. Second, Kayode Farinto is not the National Publicity Secretary of ANLCA. Thirdly, none of the organs of governance in ANLCA met to discuss operational challenges as it affects members, not to talk of writing a letter to WCO, while ignoring/jumping over the Nigeria Customs Service.
Simply put, Kayode Farinto acted on his own volition and perhaps, as the owner of his licensed Customs Agency – Wealthy Honey Investments Ltd”

“Coming down to specifics, it must be noted that Kayode Farinto exhibited gross professional ignorance of processes and procedures, when he complained directly to the World Customs Organization about issues concerning Nigeria Customs Service and its mode of operations, without firstly exhausting channels of redress in Nigeria, and also looking at the WCO operating standard guidelines as it involves its member-states”

“All that is required of functional associations (unfortunately, ANLCA is presently in a state of comatose, awaiting a miraculous awakening) is to engage relevant stakeholders, with a view to ameliorate the situation, rather than Kayode Farinto exposing such crass professional and administrative ignorance”

“As an individual, Kayode should have reached out, if he had a modicum of integrity left in him and feeling so concerned, to the importers associations to sensitize them to take up the issue, through Manufactures Association of Nigeria, to expressly address his valuation concerns”

“Pressing issues that directly impugn on the operations of licensed Customs Brokers/Agents are conveniently ignored by the likes of Kayode Farinto, knowing fully well that he is a known accomplice of what he usually complains about. 

“Nigeria Customs are fully aware of his shenanigans, but just tolerating him to our collective embarrassment” 

“Moreover, Kayode has never engaged in honest declarations, because he just does not have the capacity for it. 
“Does he even know what the rules of interpretation, classification, origin and valuation means? If he knows, he should be able to defend his jobs and ready to prove it anywhere in the Commands and at the headquarters, like most of us do”

“A rabble-rouser par excellence, Kayode Farinto has been used to making unnecessary noises bordering on blackmail, in order to be noticed for an invite. 

“He forgets that the walls (cracked or un-cracked) have ears and that the world is now a global village – courtesy of ICT tools.

“Efforts to resolve challenges experienced by members of ANLCA has always been truncated by Kayode Farinto, despite the fact that he is a member of such delegations to engage stakeholders like the Nigeria Police Force (at Zonal and state level), Standard Organization of Nigeria, Nigeria Ports Authority, Nigeria Shippers Council, etc.  

“Kayode Farinto would always go behind to be compromised, for such organizations to renege on verbal commitments, which in the first place are undocumented for reference purposes.

“The resurgent Maritime Police interfering with Cargo clearance in ports, has his imprimatur, knowing fully well that Cargo examination and inspection in the ports has various Police units (NPF, anti-Bomb unit, SSS, etc) fully represented.

“He arranges within these entities to continuously shortchange members of ANLCA, when in distress. 

“Everything about this queer character called Kayode Farinto should be taken with a pinch of salt. Never someone to be taken serious, he peddles a lot of hot air and lies about individuals within the industry, thriving – as it were – on blackmail”.

“Members of the public should beware of him, disregard his tantrums and keep him at arms-length at the slightest chance-meet”

“Importantly, ANLCA is a very decent association with very decent personalities, who have access to various stakeholders for robust engagements, capable of resolving all issues militating against trade facilitation and ease of doing business across all the international boundaries in Nigeria”

“But for the current crisis in ANLCA, that process could not be activated, which would have debarred Kayode from acting unilaterally”

“His modus operandi is to cause maximum embarrassment to stakeholders to be noticed for a “come-and-take” invitation.
“He does not have any backing of the generality of members of ANLCA and certainly cannot speak for ANLCA”, an enraged Sanni declared in his tirade of words.

However, Kayode Farinto fired back at the ANLCA spokesman, describing him as a person of unstable character, emotions and mind who should not be taken seriously. 

“Joe Sanni is somebody that has mood swinge and I had issued a press release on him in the past  that he should not be taken seriously.

“It is like he is deranged and any little thing, the customs will give him  money to write nonsense. His issue is not an issue at all”

“I don’t even want to be distracted by Joe Sanni’s issue,” he said dismissively.

Tony Nwabunke, the National President of ANLCA, dismissed the war of words between his two lieutenants as a distraction from others Important matters in the economy which currently engage his attention.

“I don’t want to be involved in their matter.

“I can only speak if it has to do with Nigeria’s economy and port matters”, he declared dismissively.

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