Amiwero risks arrest over refusal on CRFFN registration

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Amiwero risks arrest over refusal on CRFFN registration


— as he dares minister of Transportation

The factional leader of the National Council of Managing Directors of Licensed Customs Agents(NCMDLCA), Lucky Amiwero, may be the first non- compliant, non- conformist freight forwarder that may be barred from operating at the ports and possibly arrested by the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria( CRFFN) for non- registration.

The Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, during the inauguration of the CRFFN in Abuja last year, had stated that any fright forwarder who does not register with the Council will be barred from operating at any of the Nigerian ports, a position that was reinstated by the Chairman of the Council, Tsanni Abubakar in Lagos recently.

However, Amiwero, who has been having a running battle with the Council since his failed bid to get elected into inaugural board of the Council in 2008, has consistently said he does not recognise the Council and would not seek any registration from the body.

Reverend Emmanuel Agubanze, the Chairman of Special Duties Committee of CRFFN, yesterday pointedly declared that Amiwero would be arrested when the ministerial order on registration with the Council is enforced from next year.

Rev. Agubanze made this declaration at a round table discussion with maritime journalists at the Maritime Reporters Association of Nigeria(MARAN) international press centre.

He was in the company of members of Research and International Liaison Committee of the Council led by its Chairman, Increase Uche.

Rev. Agubanze dismissed any possibility of holding dialogue with Amiwero over this issue, saying that when the order is enforced next year, he would be the first person to be arrested for his belligerent attitude toward CRFFN.

”CRFFN is a government regulatory agency created by an Act of Parliament to regulate freight forwarding industry.

”The Council cannot therefore stoop so low as to be begging one of the persons whose practices in the Industry are to be regulated but has remained adamant.

”Who is Amiwero? The Council does not recognise him. He is disgruntled because he lost his bid to be elected into the first governing Council of CRFFN in 2008 . He also lost in the court which he had attempted to use to get position on the Council.

”Since then, he has been bitter and disgruntled.

”But when the order is enforced by next year, all of you will see if he is bigger than the Council or not.” Rev. Agubanze declared.

He stated that the Council has set up a disciplinary committee which comprises members of all the security agencies that will carry out the enforcement.

When our correspondent sought the reaction of Amiwero on the issue, he flared up, asking that our reporter should not ask him such ‘stupid’ question.

”Don’t ask me such ‘stupid’ question” he blared over the phone.

He was persistent with this insulting response which however did not deter our correspondent from pressing to know his reaction.

In a tone laden with hatred and arrogance, Amiwero finally blurted out ” What is CRFFN?
Who is the Minister to give such an order? Is he the owner of the ports? Is he the one issuing customs licences?
Do you know the functions of CRFFN?. Are you aware that I have taken the Council to court?” Amiwero continued with this arrogant line of questioning before his voice finally trailed off which suggested that he may have hung up on our correspondent.

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