Air Peace: ASRTI Frowns over botched  evacuation of stranded Nigerians from Canada

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Air Peace: ASRTI Frowns over botched  evacuation of stranded Nigerians from Canada


Chinazor Megbolu

The Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative (ASRTI) has frowned over the botched Air Peace Airline evacuation flight for stranded Nigerians in Canada.

In a statement signed and issued at the weekend by Mr. Olumide Ohunayo an ASRTI executive said it rejected the tenuous safety concerns put up as a reason by the Canadian government to prevent Air Peace to evacuate the stranded Nigerians.

ASRTI in the statement noted that the cancelled  flight evacuation was unfriendly, unwarranted discriminatory and anti- competition act bothering on avoidable aeropolitics in this Covid-19 era.

According to Ohunayo: ”We reject in totality the nebulous safety concerns conveyed by the government of Canada. ASRTI views this action not only as an unfriendly act but an unwarranted discriminatory and anti- competition acts bordering on avoidable aeropolitics.

“The demand of our common humanity at these challenging times posed by the ravaging Covid-19 requires the maximum cooperation of all.

“We therefore request our government, especially the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Aviation to stand firm against this discriminatory and unfriendly act. Air Peace remains Nigeria’s flagship duly authorised by Nigeria for the evacuation mission of her distressed citizens in Canada.

“In the diplomatic spirit of respect and cooperation among nations, the ASRTI requests that Nigeria should persuade Canada to review her position and bring succour to the stranded Nigerians in her domain”.

Recall that on May 20, 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Nigerian High Commission, Ottawa announced in a letter with reference number NHS/OTT/ADM.56/I that the Canadian government has with finality refused Nigerian carrier, Air Peace Limited the right to evacuate Nigerians.

Ohunayo in the statement hinted that the Canadian High Commission had opened talks with Ethiopia Airlines, directing that Nigerian passengers should pay $2,500 to Ethiopian Airlines; even when Air Peace airfare was $1,134 and 319 passengers have paid to the Nigerian airline, which has concluded plans to operate full flight to the North American country.

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