Adeyanju warns employers against inhuman treatment of maritime workers over #COVID-19 lockdown

Adeyanju warns employers against inhuman treatment of maritime workers over #COVID-19 lockdown
Segun Oladipupo


The leadership of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has said it would resist any secret move by management of employers of its members to convert the lockdown period occasioned by Covid-19 to their annual leave.

Adeyanju, in his May Day speech, vowed that the Union would resist such attempt with the last pint of its blood.

The President in his speech sought for the inclusion of his members as representatives in the Covid-19 port committee.

Speaking further, Adeyanju said that the union would be at variance with any employer that seeks to slash the salaries, wages and allowances of any member of the union without justification, adding that it is illogical and illegal for any organisation to downsize at this period.

The speech reads in part, “We want to use this medium to appeal for the inclusion of a union representative in the already set up Covid-19 ports committee.

“We also wish to bring to the public space the secret attempts by some management to cheat our members by forcing them to convert this lockdown period occasioned by government pronouncement to their annual leave.

“The Union has been informed that some management have issued internal memo to this effect.

“In very clear terms, we condemn this attempt to turn workers’ rights on its head for the pecuniary gains of management without recourse to normal consideration and processes.

“We find it strange that workers will be subjected to punishment for a situation that is entirely out of their scope of control. This we will resist and resist with all the arsenals at our disposal within the ambit of law. All management considering such gimmick are hereby put on notice.

“Comrades, most disheartening is the attempt by some unscrupulous management to cut the salaries, wages and allowance of our members without any probable cause.”

While appreciating the efforts of the federal government in fixing the port access road, Adeyanju charged the government and its agents to expedite action on the completion of the road, saying he observed that work has long stopped at the site.

The Union boss also requested the Federal Government to urgently direct all relevant agencies in the sector to put measures in place to sensitise members of the union working at the quay apron and other port users to augment the efforts of the Union in this direction.

Adeyanju however thanked the Minister of Transportation, Minister of State for Transportation, Minister of Labour and agency heads in the maritime industry for their efforts, even as he promised to keep in touch with them.

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