Toxic “Ponmo”:  Lagos warns importers, disposes of seized consignment


Abiodun OBA

The Lagos State Government would continue to apprehend and prosecute importers of unwholesome products into the country and the state.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Olayiwola Onasanya, said the State had disposed of a truckload of toxic cowhide (ponmo) seized recently in the Ijegun, Ikotun area of the state.

According to a statement, Onasanya who gave the warning while speaking through his representative the Deputy Director, Veterinary Services, Dr Adeyemi Olufemi, recalled that, the seized ponmo had formalin and slate lime, which he said were carcinogenic in nature and could cause cancer.

He said the cowhide was supposed to be used as leather material, but was imported by ‘unscrupulous people’ as ponmo for human consumption.

Dr Onasanya enjoined members of the public to report any suspicion of unwholesome products to the government for appropriate actions, adding that intelligence reports indicate that there are more of such mostly in the Ikotun and Igando areas of the state.

“He stressed that it was a matter of time before the perpetrators of such acts were apprehended.

“The permanent secretary lauded the support of other agencies such as the Primary Health Care Board, the Lagos State Waste Management Authority and other agencies of government in the disposal of the poisonous ponmo,” the statement said.

The toxic ponmo was disposed of at the Medical Dumpsite, Ewu Elepe, Ikorodu, on Thursday.

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