Immigration Boss advocates stronger border post check to curtail insecurity

The Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Muhammad Babandede, has said that stronger border security will reduce the menace of kidnappings and other insecurity in Nigeria.
Babandede, who reacted to the allegation that the kidnappings were carried out by foreigners, said that the act was not carried out majorly by foreigners.

“The number of foreigners is small when compared to Nigerians.  The percentage does not show the majority of kidnappings are done by foreigners.

“There are a lot of Nigerian criminals and criminal groups. We should not transfer our crime to another territory. It is our problem. There are no kidnappings carried out in the bush (borders). Even when they kidnap, they they will come and enjoy the food in the city. They will transfer their money to banks. They will like to drive good cars; the whole idea of kidnapping is the interest of money.
So we should look at other sectors than looking at foreigners,” he said.

The comptroller-general, however, commended President Muhammadu Buhari for the approval of e-border for the service to tackle transborder crimes.

“We now have approval to run 88 border stations where we can see what is happening in real time online.  There is also technological support for immigration to tackle border crimes in real time online, to add support to the military, customs, among others,” he said.

He further said that the ongoing construction of NIS N7 billion technology building. would help put all records into one pool that would be needful to other law enforcement agencies.

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